The School Infrastructure Partners in Creating a Favourable Environment for Learning

Digital Classrooms

Digital Classrooms

Audio-visual aids are used by the educators to complement the academic lessons. Teach Next digital aid is instilled in all the classrooms widening the arena of visual learning. 



The school library offers the students a tranquil environment to read and enrich themselves with  a wide variety of books ranging from encyclopedias to fictions, magazines and journals.



Our labs are well equipped with apt technological enhancements to appreciate the role of experimentation in Science that develop critical thinking with course concepts.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

The computer lab offers the space for the technological research and invention capacity of the student community. The labs are upgraded with appropriate software to enable students to learn as per the syllabus formulated by the CISCE Board.


Children's Park

All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The children’s park provides an atmosphere which revitalizes the child for a better performance.  The students strengthen themselves by their active participation in exercises and games.

Football Academy

Play Ground

Our playground is an outdoor classroom which is as important as the indoor classroom environment. The school is blended with playgrounds and courts making us second to none in catering to the sports ambitions of the youth.

Health club at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School Vaduthala

Aquatic Complex

A state-of-the-art aquatic complex with a multi-purpose hall, gymnasium and a swimming pool with international standards to train students in swimming and water sports is a unique attraction of the campus.


The Chapel

The heart of the institution is the chapel which radiates the rays of heavenly peace, grace and heart- sprung prayers. Situated right at the entrance, it welcomes all the friends of Don Bosco to meet the Saviour living the Blessed Sacrament.



Mithra, the Student Care Centre contributes towards students’ psychological formation. It provides full time assistance for their psychological needs and helps to fulfill their academic goals and guides them in becoming confident individuals.



The well designed cafeteria provides fresh and tasty meals  for the staff and students. The school makes no compromises with regards to hygiene in cafeteria, kitchen and wash area.


AV Room

 The AV Room allows for a live multimedia experience in their learning, especially availed by the Mass Media students. The AV room is designed for audio – visual recording and live streaming.



We offer a variety of programmes in the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) like dance, music, sports, games and arts that follow a detailed course format for the holistic development of students.

House System

House System

The house system provides the frame work for active participation in all activities. The four houses in the school organise morning assembly, inter-house competitions, maintaining discipline and keeping the campus clean.

Club System

Club System

The Club system offers activities to improve social skills, communication skills, leadership skills and teamwork. The students have a number of club options here at Don Bosco, to explore and realize their inner talents.

Sports Academy

Sports Academy

Don Bosco Sports Academy fulfills the dreams of young sports aspirants by offering professional training in football, basketball, karate, badminton, cricket, skating, swimming etc. We conduct summer camps with a variety of choices in sports and arts.

Residential Facility

Residential Facility

A homely and serene residential complex with spacious rooms and round the clock supervision of the warden ensure that the students feel comfortable and all their needs are met promptly and efficiently.

erp ECMS

School ERP

The School ERP (ecMS) is a platform for digital learning which caters to administrative needs, keeping track of student progress and helps you to be in the school’s connectivity loop.



The school is committed to provide the students with a safe, efficient and reliable transportation service by offering school bus service to various parts of the city.

School uniform at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School Vaduthala

Recreational Room

A spacious and well-furnished facility for recreational and leisure time activities which help students to manage stress is a unique feature of Don Bosco, Vaduthala.


Medical Assistance

Healthy students are better learners  and a proper medical assistance promote healthy development and well- being of a student. So we provide an  on-call medical assistance with Lourdes Hospital, Pachalam.



Bosconians enjoy the privilege of school radio during recess. The young radio jockeys of the school entertain the listeners with fun facts, reviews, birthday dedications and music.